General FAQ

All concessions items must be cleaned prior to pick up/drop off. If dirty we will charge $50 cleaning fee. *If item is dirty when picked up or dropped off call us before party and we will clean and/or swap out  


If you choose payment plan and payment is not paid in full 10 days prior to event as per the agreement. Your order can be cancelled. And we will only refund 50% of order total. 


Q: What fees are involved?

A: Water, rental damage, cleaning,  and back yard drop off are the most common. (Ranges from$50-$200) It’s renters responsibility to keep the bounce houses out of excessive rain to avoid this fee. 


Q: How long is a trypical rental.

A: 24hr rental. If you need longer just call/text us and we will work with you! 331-803-0840 

Q: What is your policy if there is inclement weather?

A: Inflatables cannot be used if there are winds of 20 mph (15 mph for some items) or more, and cannot be used in the constant rain. 24 hours and up to 7:00 am on the day of your event, we will monitor the weather to see what is predicted in the forecast. If there is a 50 percent chance or more for consistent rain, or a prediction of winds 20 mph or above during the time of your event, we allow you to cancel the day of your event before 7:00 am. You will be able to choose to move your deposit to a different date, or choose to have a credit good up to a year from the date cancellation or receive a refund. You MUST call us before 5 days before your event to cancel to receive your full refund of the deposit. Please note: we MUST keep safety in mind at all times, so Snax Rentals  reserves the right to cancel your rental due to inclement weather at any time.

If there is a 50 percent or greater chance for rain during the scheduled time of your event, you can reschedule, have a credit for up to one year, or receive a refund before 7 am the morning of the scheduled delivery. However, if the forecast is calling for scattered showers or less than 50 percent chance, we recommend you continue with your scheduled delivery. If the forecast is for continuous rain throughout the day, we recommend you cancel or reschedule your event.

Inflatables cannot be used in winds exceeding 20 mph (15 mph for some items). If the forecast is for high winds, we will call to cancel and you can reschedule your rental, receive a credit good for one year, or receive a refund. We will cancel the event or you must confirm cancellation before 7:00 am on the day of the event.

All inflatables can be used in a wide range of temperatures, but if the temperature is expected to fall below 48 degrees at any time during your event, we will call the morning of your event to cancel/reschedule your delivery.  You can reschedule, have a credit for up to one year, or receive a refund if you cancel  before 5 days before scheduled delivery.  

Keep in mind the children's activity will keep them very warm, and we recommend you continue as scheduled if the temperature is forecasted to be above 48 degrees. Deposits will not be refunded for temperature cancellations above 48 degrees.

*CANCELLATIONS DUE TO WEATHER are determined the morning of your event before we deliver. If you (customer) decides to cancel due to poor weather conditions *please refer to “inclement weather terms* , You will be given credit to reschedule for up to ONE YEAR or a refund 75% refund. 

Please note if you call after 7:00 am day of reservation, once the delivery truck leaves the warehouse, you are responsible for payment in full, NO EXCEPTIONS.

If we cancel due to poor weather, you will be refunded in full or have the option to reschedule


Q) Do you delivery to Chicago?

A) Some parts. As long as it’s within 12 miles of Bolingbrook,Illinois. ** There is some exceptions  please call to discuss  

Q) Is your prices per hour?

A) No! The price you see is per day! 


Q) Do you require a deposit?

A) Yes. It will be REFUNDED after your rental. After you submit your order a Represenative will call you to confirm your order and ask for Debit/Credit card you would like to use. This is refunded when equipment is returned in same condition they were at start of rental.  



A:No food or drink, no shoes, no sharp objects, no visible metal zippers, no medical conditions including pregnancy, no wrestling/roughhousing, no hanging on the netting, no flips, no silly string or sand.

Under no circumstances should anybody use the inflatable bounces to do flips or climb on the sides or the walls. The bounces are not trampolines and do not have the rebound of a trampoline.

No silly string! It eats away at the vinyl of the inflatable

Adult supervision at all times.



A: The weekends are our most popular days and book up quickly. So the earlier you reserve the more choices you have. So sooner the better!



A: You can cancel within 24hrs of reservation for a full refund. Same day cancellations will NOT be refunded.

Rain cancellation for inflatables will be refunded