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Rent me


Q: How long is a typical rental.

A: We offer 24hr rentals. Just call/text us and we will work with you! 331-803-0840 

Q: What’s your cancellation policy?

A: For Inflatables weather related cancellations will be refunded. (Extreme wind, temperature below 55 degrees and over 95 degrees)

Tents/Tables//Chairs- Cancellations made within 24hrs of booking will be refunded.

Cancellations made 3 days before booking will get a PARTIAL 25% refund

Cancellations made 24hrs of reservation will be given a credit for the amount of your order to use at a future date. (NO EXCEPTIONS)


Q) Do you require a deposit?

A) Yes a  $50-$100 hold will be required for incidentals. It will be REFUNDED after your rental. After you submit your order a Represenative will call you to confirm your order and ask for Debit/Credit card you would like to use. This is refunded when equipment is returned in same condition they were at start of rental.  

Q:  How much is DELIVERY?

A: Delivery fee is $29 for (WILL, DUPAGE, KANE county) Cook county deliveries will have $45 delivery fee. If your located somewhere different price will vary CONTACT US. 

The delivery fee covers just a portion of what we pay our delivery crew and includes the cost of: Driving to your party.

Labor for dropping/picking up the equipment.

Driving back to the warehouse.

Driving back to your party at pickup time.

Diving back to the warehouse to drop everything off

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Tables, Tents, and Chairs agreement

* PLEASE leave your driveway clear for our delivery crew to be able to load and unload into. We understand that this may seem an inconvenience but we ask for your assistance in helping maintain the health and safety of our employees. The further items have to travel the harder it is on their backs and strength. We appreciate your consideration.
1. I understand that delivery (except large tents) is to our driveway/door & set up/tear down of equipment is our Responsibility & that there is an additional fee for tables and chairs to be set up or torn down any tables and chairs still standing upon pick up will be assessed a fee.
2. Please Do not stand on folding chairs or table tops
3. Chairs are intended for one adult only.
4. Please Do not place any item that is over 45 lbs. on plastic table tops.
5. Please be careful of items or juices that can stain the plastic.
6. Please wipe down all surfaces before returning to us if found dirty a clean up fee of $35.00 may apply. Please remove all tape, food and debris from your tables and chairs before return
7. Do not swing from tent poles or straps under any circumstances. This can cause instability in your tent and that can lead to a dangerous situation.
8. Crepe Paper is not to be used on, in or outside of tent if it gets wet the dye from it will notcome off tent and you will be billed for replacement.
9. Do not staple or tape anything to valance or any other part of tent.
10. Any thing tied to tent ropes, ie. balloons must be removed before tent is picked up
11. Tables and chairs are delivered to your driveway and picked up there. To have the tables and chairs carried in or to the rear there is a $25.00 fee.TENTS AND BOUNCE HOUSES SET UP IS INCLUDED
12. Do not cook under tents – smoke damage is a minimum of $200.00
13. Tents should be set up on relatively flat surface areas.
14. If you have difficult access to your residence or yard please make notes below on the best way to enter your property and where you would like the unit set.
15. Tables and chairs delivered with tents will be picked up at the same time or an additional pick up fee will apply.
16. Understand these are rentals so there will be wear and tear on these items.