Delivery / Set up FAQs

Q:  How much is DELIVERY? *Must be within 15miles*

A: Delivery fee is $30 for (WILL/DUPAGE county )

$40 Kane County.

$45Cook county delivery

If your located somewhere different price will vary CONTACT US. 

The delivery fee covers just a portion of what we pay our delivery crew and includes the cost of:
  • Driving to your party.
  • Labor for dropping/picking up the equipment.
  • Driving back to the warehouse.
  • Driving back to your party at pickup time.
  • Diving back to the warehouse to drop everything off

We deliver, set-up (additional fee), and pick-up all rentals. Will call 24-48hr prior to give time frame of when driver will arrive

Q: What if my item is damaged or bounce house not working properly?

A: Reach out to us within 3 hours after we drop off and we will replace and/or swap out whatever it is. If not brought to ur attention within this time no credits/refunds will be issued.

Q: Do you do late night pick up?

A: Yes for an additional fee of $40 for any rental that needs to be picked up after 9:00pm.


Q. How Much is Set up?

A. For Bounce houses and tents the set up is FREE. 


Q: What time do you deliver?

A: We typically try and deliver between 8am-12pm Times will vary on orders for the day, location, and size of delivery. But other times can be arranged just call 331-803-0840. *** If our driver attempts to deliver and no one answers or comes to door within 15 minutes you will only be refunded 25% of order cost and ***Delivery fee WILL NOT be Refunded


Q: Do you set up?

A: Yes. We set up Tents and bounce houses. Tables and chairs are dropped off IN front or side of house. Back yard drop offs are extra fee.  


Q: Do you drop off at Residential homes?

A: Yes. We will drop off Tables and Chairs  in a driveway, backyard (Extra $20) , or another secure area of your choice. This is also where we will pick up the items after the duration of your rental.

Q: Do you drop off at parks?

A: Yes for a fee. We will not bring items further then 25 yards from parking lot. Parks have limited access for our vehicles to get to most party areas.

Q: How long is a typical rental.

A: Most of our items are an 24hr rental. If you need longer just call/text us and we will work with you! 331-803-0840 


 Q: Do you deliver to parks?

A: Yes for a fee, most parks don't have a nearby power source. No worries we have generators available for rent